Here are some websites we have found, that you may find useful: Luvponies cannot recommend a visit to this website more highly! If you have a true love for animals and would like to combine this with doing something active and worthwhile then this is the place to visit. They have a fabulous range of suggested activities from Wildlife Photography Experience Days to Get Active with Meerkats! You'll find holiday suggestions, volunteering to help with retired race horse or grey hounds and some really lovely gift ideas. A unique website, with something for everyone. Well worth a visit! 




EQUESTRIAN AND HORSE  Honest advice to help you and your horse. Children's handcrafted wooden stables, equestrian toys, farm sets, farmyards, plastic farm animals for children of all ages.

New Baby Gifts Sprogbox have a huge range of contemporary and funky gifts for new babies, mums, and dads.