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Notice Board - your stories & jokes

Have you got a funny joke or a story you would like to share with us. E-mail them over to us at and then we will display them on our Pony Bulletin Board. Mollie and Alex will select their favourite each week and we will send you a little thank you. Good luck!

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Laughing Pony

Alfie is my 11 year old, Fell Black Pony.

He is really cheeky and has this really dumb horse friend called Scout. At the moment he looks like he's about to blow up, because he's so fat! He is fab at jumping and loves hacking out.

I think he is the best pony in the world and I always will.

Ella, from Bradford


Q: what is as big as a horse but weighs nothing?

A: The horse's shadow


Q: what happens when a black horse jumps into the red sea?

A: It gets wet.


Q: What does every horse and rider do at exactly the same time?

A: Grow old

Yesterday I was driving around in the country with my parents and we got hungry and went into a pub for lunch. We were there for five minutes, when a big brown horse came in; it sat down at a table, crossed its legs and ordered a coffee.

I was very surprised, and I asked the man behind the bar if this was not a little strange, a horse ordering coffee.

"Yes", the man said, "Very strange. He normally drinks a pint of beer."