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These are all your suggestions and designs for new hat covers and they've all been fab! So hard to 

choose a winner! But we have decided that we loved Freya's Unicorn design and Jess' suggestion of a teal 

hat cover so they are our two winners.

If you can't see your design below, do let me know and I will make sure I pop it on for you. I will be doing another

comeptition later on this week. Thank you so much to everybody entering this one! 


This one was sent in by Georgia.

Alice Brayshaw said her favourite hat colour would be grey or turquoise with a grey pom pom and a turquoise

and mint green pom pom. 

Freya Gough said "When I first saw the competition I was very intrigued and interested because I absolutely go crazy over horses and anything to do with them.

I would choose fluorescent yellow because it stands out and reminds me of my favourite horse Storm who is a palomino. I would then choose a lime and lilac as my favourite 2 Pom poms. 


My hat cover is inspired by 🦄 unicorns with a light pink and a dark Royal blue, I thought these colours really went together well and added a little sparkle to it. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun doing it". 

And here is her fab photo and design.


Emma Adair says "If I was designing a hat cover I would have the two colours Purple and Lilac alternating with a Sugar Pink Pom Pom on top.


I think the colours for the two Poms Poms should be: Sugar Pink and Light Blue.

This is Jodie's brilliant design.


Neve said "I am 11 next week(16th April) my choice off hat cover would be sugar pink with a white or sugar pink Pom Pom.

Jessie said "I would chose a light blue hat cover with a lilac or light pink Pom Pom" and she also sent in this fab design.

From Becca; "My daughter Becca has looked at the choices of colour and her favourites are turquoise and lilac hat with turquoise pom-poms!

Hope this helps your survey!

She is also going to design a hat too and loves the Hoodie she had (never wears anything else) 

This very snazzy design was sent in from Rosie "This is my hat silk design I hope you like it. Hope I win 🤞🏻"


 She also said "For the hat silk i would love the lilac and teal and the pompoms should be glittery white one and a black and white one like a zebra!!!  

Hope I win sooo much 

From Rosie 

Hello my name is Amy. For my birthday my Dad bought me a mint coloured numnah for my pony. If I could design a hat silk it would be mint with a mint and white Pom Pom to match.

My pony Harley i miss her So so much cause I am not allowed to see her cause of the lockdown. I hope you are allowed to see your ponies.

Love Amy 🦄11 years old 

Jess, who is 9 said she would like pink and teal Pom poms and thinks we should have a teal hat cover.

Alannah said "I would choose red and royal blue"

Sent in from Clare "Please see my hat cover design below. 

Turquoise and silver grey"


This gorgeous design is from Zoe