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Horse Stationery & School

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Miss Melody - Ball Pen
New! Part of the very popular Miss Melody range, these pretty six colour ball pens will help homework get completed! 
Price: £2.75
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Miss Melody - Ballpen Set
Sweet little pack of two ball pens with a pretty pony design.
Price: £3.50
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Miss Melody - Fibre Tip Pens
A pack of 15 quality fibre tip pens prettily adorned with glittery horses. Great party bag filler.
Price: £7.25
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Miss Melody - Lunch Box
Kid's will love these lunch boxes. They come with a divider and just blue left.
Price: £5.49
Sale: £2.50
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Miss Melody - Notebook with Pen
Very pretty notebook with matching ball pen to write in it with. Great party bag filler.
Price: £4.50
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Miss Melody - Notelet Box
Very sweet little notelet box with matching pencil. Choice of two designs. Makes a great jewellery box once all your notelets have been used.
Price: £3.50
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Miss Melody - Pony Pencil Topper
New! These are fab! Pony pencils with a 3D horse figurine on top. Great party bag fillers.
Price: £2.75
Sale: £1.25
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Miss Melody Coloured Pencil Set
From the highly popular Miss Melody range, a set of fifteen coloured pencils, each decorated with a pretty grey horse and hearts.
Price: £6.99
Sale: £3.99
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Miss Melody Diary - Love
Keep your secrets safe with this beautifully designed, horse and foal Miss Melody Diary with horseshoe and heart padlock and key.
Price: £8.99
Sale: £4.99
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