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Good news for cats and dogs

August 29, 2018

Yesterday came great news if, like me, you're a dog and cat lover. Puppy farms are to be made illegal and puppies and kittens will only be able to be bought or adopted from a reputable breeder or rescue centre. A very close friend of mine had a rescue Pekanese dog. She was six months old and could only walk in squares! She had spent so much of her life in a tiny glass enclosure in a pet shop. It is stories like this, and there are far worse, which makes this new government proposal all the more brilliant. image-placeholder.png


This is Dexter, our Boston Terrier. he was my daughter, Phoebe's, surprise 18th birthday present. He has been a fantastic addition to the family, as he's very affectionate and just want to play and have cuddles. Therefore, I find it very frustrating that we have to leave him at home when we want to go out, shopping or even for lunch. Our local town centre has completely banned dogs and we can't even walk through the main shopping area with him.

We are lucky, as we live in London, so we are never short of things to do and see. One thing that can throw a spanner in the works is the fact that we have two dogs. I am very pleased to let you know that there is now a website called Here you will find over 20,000 places listed where you, and your four-legged friend, will be welcome.
margin-bottom:7.5pt;margin-left:0cm;text-align:center;line-height:150%'>Funnily enough, it is the 'posher' parts of town where dogs are more readily accepted. Go to Chelsea or Primrose Hill and you can happily browse the rails of Zara or enjoy a delicious lunch with your beloved dog. Some towns are now recognising that it even helps boost trade and are becoming dog-friendly zones. Personally, I think that this is a fantastic idea and welcome these changes whole heartedly.
So many of my friends and family now have dogs that instead of a bottle of perfume, or yet another scarf, I am now giving them something lovely from our pet gifts range. These are always very well received, especially the personalised items as it shows a little extra care and thought. 
I cannot quite believe that it is almost time for back to school. Where has the time gone? At least it really was a fantastic summer with plenty of sunshine and opportunity for riding. 
My two daughters are well past the back to school time in their lives but it wasn't that long ago so I can still vividly remember just how important getting the new school bag was. If it was more a fashion item than an actual school bag, I also remember the dismay when it broke within weeks of starting school!

I personally highly recommend these Heritage Back Packs. They are very well made, robust and of a nice thick canvas material. The shoulder straps and the back panel are padded, to make comfy carrying. There are numerous pockets and areas that can be scurely zipped and they are certainly big enough to take A4 folders. Avaialable in navy, black, burgundy, royal blue and grey. The above is brand new. It is our 'Wild' design, exclusive to Luvponies and is printed in a very elegant gold vinyl on a burgundy back pack. The personalisation is optional and free! These are £19.95 and, if they don't last at least a year of school life, you can exchange it for a brand new one at any time.  The GCSE results came out today. I do hope your children got the results they were hoping for. Yesterday was Mollie's birthday (my eldest daughter) she was 22. I remember her 18th birthday party, the day before the results came out. So many worried little faces! They all did brilliantly and went on to achieve great degrees and get great jobs but, most importantly, they have all become strong, independent and very likeable young adults, which has to be the most important thing of all.
Wishing you all a very enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.


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