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Onesies are back in town!

October 21, 2020



They're toastie warm, and they're back in stock

Our Onesies will keep them warm and cosy this winter   

At this time of year, the one product we get asked about more than any other is the Onesie. 

It's easy to understand why. These onesies are warm, cosy, and, so comfortable to wear. 

Given all of the above, who do you think invented the Onesie? 

It was none other than the man considered by many to be our greatest ever, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Britain’s wartime Prime Minister commissioned a custom made green velvet all-in-one suit designed especially to be worn in the bunker.

So beloved were his all-in-one 'siren' suits, named in reference to the fact that they put on with ease during an air-raid, that he ordered 12 of them. (Source; Mail Online). 

We like to think Sir Winston would have loved our Onesies too.


He would probably be just a little surprised at how many children and adults now follow the trend he started albeit unknowingly, seventy years ago. 


Our Onesies aren't velvet, they are a much more practical cotton and velour combination, and they cost a lot less than Winnie's Onesie would be today. 

You can see the full range of Onesies @


Available in kids, teens and adult sizes and in multiple colours. 

Wishing you and your family safe, well and warm.  









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