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New 'Lavender' Hoodies Now In Stock

October 17, 2018

These are selling out - fast and I can see why. This new lavender is really stunning and is definitely this season's must have colour. It also helps having a daughter who is a fashion trend assistant!


Not only is this design on our new lavender hoodies, it's also printed in our new fab purple glitter. It is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, it is currently only available in adult sizes, XS - XL - £22.95. Like all our hoodies, it can also be personalised.

Our best selling 'Horse & Rider' Hoodie - also £22.95

Our 'Yes, I Smell Like A Horse' is a Luvponies favourite and we print hundreds of these, every year. We've printed it in purple on our new Lavender here, and we all love it! 

'Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat' has always been popular but, since we've revamped it with our new glitter vinyl, it's become a new Luvponies best seller. Therefore we thought we had to include it with the new lavender and new glitter!

Finally, we couldn't possibly add a new colour to our range and not include 'Dismount With Style' a Luvponies top seller!


As you know, all of our hoodies are hand printed to order, by us, but this colour is fast selling out so I can only advise you order one sooner, rather than later, just in case they completely sell out before Christmas.


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