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Horse Greeting Cards

February 19, 2015

With Easter and Mother's Day fast approaching, we really needed little excuse to order some beautiful horse themed gift cards. 

We were thrilled to stumble upon Jo Stockdale and her truly gorgeous artwork. She captures the features and character of each horse so beautifully that each card has it's own character and story to tell.  Cleverly, she leaves the inside of the cards blank so you can write your own special message of the moment. Once received and read, these cards make beatiful pieces of art to pop in a frame and then display. So, when you're sending one, you're sending a gift as well as a card!

My Little Star - what child wouldn't be enchanted by this sweet little foal. They also make great thank you cards, which should help the painful process of encouraging children to write a thank you message, much easier!

Shades Of Summer - ever gone to Summer Pony Camp and had your heart broken by the beautiful horse you have to say goodbye to at the end? Then this card will evoke many memories. 

Nosey Parker - if you need a card to cheer someone up, then this is perfect! Maybe you know someone who's taken a tumble and has ened up looking up their horse's nose?

Twinkle Toes - not the prettiest at the stables, but he'll always get you safely over that jump! 


Summer Love - we know we shouldn't have favourites, but...... This picture is just so beautiful, if you love horses, then this card is just perfect.  

So there you have it, our brand new selection of equestrian themed gift cards, which can only brighten up someone's day. 




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