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Horsey Sleepwear and new Pony Duvets

October 3, 2018

Even though the weather is still unbelievably good, for the time of year, there is an autumn chill in the mornings and early evenings.
The new pj shorts sets have been so popular I've expanded the range to include a really cosy over-sized sweatshirt and a very stylish long sleeved hooded t-shirt.


This is our 'Dismount With Style' shorts set. Both are 100% cotton and lovely and soft and easy to wear. The sizes start from a size small (adult 10) and go up to an XL (adult 16). They cost £24.95 and can also be personalised across the back.


This is our 'Horse & Rider Sweatshirt Set' priced at £29.95. Sizes start from an XS (adult size 8) and go up to an XL (size 16). The sweatshirt is over-sized for comfort, with fitted sleeves and a dipped back. Again, very easy and cosy to wear.  

If you are looking for something even warmer, then this 'Wild Lounge Set' should fit the bill. Lovely over-sized warm and fleecy sweatshirt, that can be personalised, with very cosy, long gingham soft pyjama trousers. £32.50. These are also sized from an XS up to an XL.

Staying with the 'bedroom' theme, I am very happy to say these have just arrived in stock. There are two colours, white or pink, they come in doubles and singles and matching curtains are available too. 

Both are reversible. The single duvet cover comes with one pillow case and the double with two. The curtains are lined, come with tie backs, and are 66" wide with a 72" drop.
The single duvets are £19.95 and the doubles are £24.95. The curtains are also £24.95.

Judging by recent phone calls and emails, some of you are super-efficient and are already shopping for Christmas. Therefore I'm not too embarrassed to start mentioning potential Christmas presents! 
Every year we have a Top Five and I am predicting that these new pretty horse diairies will be on that list.
They come in pink and blue and are a perfect gift for a horse-mad child (or adult!). At £8.99, they won't break the bank either.

Over the next few weeks, the team and myself will be introducing lots of new products as they get delivered to us. I will keep you fully posted on all new items.


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