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Pony Parties

September 20, 2018

More babies are born in late September (me being one of them!) and early October than at any other point of the year*.

So, statistically, there's a good chance that you are planning a party to take place very soon or over the next few weeks!

Which is why I thought you might appreciate this short guide to ideas and tips for a successful pony party.


Choose and book your venue
If most or all of your little guests are also into ponies (like your very own birthday girl or boy) then stables can be the ideal venue choice.

Many stables now offer pony parties as standard or they may have a room that you can use for the purpose. Either way, check the capacity and the suitability of the room on offer.
Including some activites that actually include ponies can drive-up the price from a simple room hire but for the children who loves ponies, this will be a huge attraction and talking point in the days afterwards.

Pony activities don't have to include horse riding, grooming and welfare instruction also provide children with an opportunity to interact with the animals that they love.


Get your invitations out and make sure that they get delivered!
When I was organising parties for my two, I gave them the invitations to hand out to their friends at school and at the stables.

I thought it would be a nice thing for them to do, but I learnt to always check their bags to ensure that all invitations had been given out.
This was especially important in the case of my youngest who, as it turned out, was a nightmare postwoman.

Riding Parties

Many stables do offer riding birthday parties.

Typically these will include activities for children who havent ridden before, which may or may not include a little riding and some grooming.

Check with your local stable for details of what they offer and the days that parties are available (typically Saturdays & Sundays only, but not always).

You will also need to ask about age requirements as some stables will not offer parties to children under five or six years old.

Bigger stables may have facilities where the party part i.e. the food, drink and cakes can be consumed after the riding, games and grooming have taken place. They may offer set menus or may allow you to bring everything in and they provide the room.

Costs will vary depending on what you opt for but again, most stables will quote on a cost per head basis which makes budgeting easy.

Once you know your costs and the format of the event (and your budget!) you can agree the guest list and issue invitations.

Use Party Bags To Make Life Easier
Unless you are trying to out do the Kardashians, or their equivalent in your neighbourhood, you really don't need to spend a huge amount of money on party bags in order to deliver fun and delight for children eleven years and under.

For a pony-themed party, with less work for you, look to buy the pre-packed party bags from

They take all the effort and stress out of what should go into the bag.
Also, you can be sure that what's in the party bag is going to be liked by the recipients.
It alwys used to irritate me when my daughters came home from a party and just dumped the party bag straight into the bin, having of course retrieved the slice of birthday cake first!
This was because they were nearly always filled with things they just didn't want or need.
Not so with our pre-filled bags! 

Over the nine years luvponies has been trading, we have sent out literally hundreds of these. They are hugely popular with both mums and kids. No more expensive hassle and a happy pony party guest is guaranteed.

They are stuffed with a minimum of four items that will normally include a pony pad and pony pencil, a big shiny horse badge and maybe a chocolate pony or a pair of magic socks. Better still, these are all wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper and a handful of shiny pony confetti is thrown in too.

The party bags themselves are a lovely shiny thick card, with a matching little gift card to write the party guests name on, and raspberry pink satin ribbon handles. No wonder they are so popular!


Unicorns; Yes, They're Still Popular & Great For Parties!

With the fascination of unicorns continuing to be very 'on-trend' these two different types of Unicorn candles are sure to be very popular.

There are lots of unicorn small gifts that are perfect for party bags, if you are having a unicornthemed party.

Our new Unicorn Chocolate Pizzas are perfect for such an occasion.

I hope that this has all been of use and a little inspiration, I remember how important the success of my girl's parties were!

I also know how difficult it is to get anything for boys that is pony/horse themed. As most children love chocolate, our chocolate horse pizzas would be the perfect party favour gift to give to a boy to take home. They look rather cool in their retro styled pizza box!

Next time I'll be showing you two brand new duvet sets, which I am sure you are going to love, and some new tops to go with our hugley popular pj shorts and trousers. Perfect for popping into straight from school to keep their uniform clean (my girl's uniforms were always covered in dog hairs!).

With very best wishes,

* According to new analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the most common birthday in England and Wales was 26 September - nearly nine months after Christmas Day.


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